Tibet Travel FAQ

A. General Information:

Is independent tour allowed in Tibet?

Independent tour is prohibited in Tibet. You should take part in an organized group or have the local travel operator to arrange for you.

When is the best time to visit Tibet?

It is said the suitable time for traveling to Tibet is from April to October while the golden time is August and September. However, if you can bear the cold weather a winter tour is dollar-saving and you can avoid the crowds.

What to bring if I travel to Tibet?

For the clothing, we suggest casual style and layered clothing because temperatures in tibet vary greatly within a day. Down coat is necessary if you go beyond Lhasa and Shigatse to remote areas, e.g. the Everest Camp or further to Mt.Kailash. Sun glasses, sun blocking cream, moisture scream are very necessary to be in your packing list.

Is it OK for me to bathe every day?

It is not a good idea to bathe immediately you arrive in Tibet in case you catch cold or loss of energy. You can bathe one or two days later when your body have acclimatized to the conditions. In fact, it is very dry and cold at night, so travelers usually choose not to bathe.

Can I see a sky burial in Tibet?

To respect local customs, visitors cannot view sky burials or take photos of the practice without permission, or do anything that is blasphemous around.

Are credit cards accepted in Tibet?

Credit cards are not recommended as a way of payment in Tibet because they are only accepted by the Bank of China, up-market hotels and large shopping departments in Lhasa and Shigatse.

B. Travel Document:

What documents do I need if I am planning to travel to Tibet?

You need to have a valid passport, a valid China visa and a Tibet travel permit (sometimes people call it Entry permit or TTB, or Tibet visa).

Do I need double/multi-entry visa if I come to Tibet from China mainland and return China mainland after the trip?

No, because Tibet is a part of China, if enter Tibet from other cities in China mainland and after the trip in Tibet, get back to China mainland again, only a single entry visa is required.

If I travel via Nepal to Tibet, are there any special requirements on China visa?

If you want to enter Tibet via Kathmandu, you'd better get Chinese visa from Kathmandu as no matter you've already got the visa in your country or not, you must get a GROUP visa in Kathmandu, which is an official agreement between China and Nepal.

With Tibet Travel Permit, where can I go in Tibet?

Tibet Travel Permit (or TTB) only endorses you to enter Tibet, to stay in Lhasa area and two another major towns of Tibet like Gyantse and Shigatse. If you are planning to travel beyond and farther, you are required to prepare the PSB Permit for which Access Tibet Tour could help you to apply.

When do I need to apply for the Tibet travel Permit?

You need to apply for the travel permit at least 10 days prior to your entry date, which means you should prepare all the information and documents in hand before this period of time.

C.  Lodging and Dining:

What are the hotels like in Tibet?

Tourism is Tibet is in its infancy and hotel facilities and service standard may not be as you would expect from a hotel in other parts of the world. Staff will probably not speak much English. Hotels in small cities and the Everest Base camp are very basic. They will usually have a public bathroom with squat toilet.

Does the hotel room have access to internet?

Some hotel rooms, not all, in Lhasa have access to internet, so you should inquiry your travel advisor for accurate information before making decision. But some hotel has business center where you can use internet service.

Is there 24-hour hot water running?

Due to basic condition in Tibet, sometimes with the poor pressure, the water flow may small and water sometime is not hot but just warm. In remote area, the condition can be even worse.

What can I eat in Tibet?

In Lhasa, you can choose Chinese food, western food,  Tibetan food as well as Nepalese food and Indian food. But in remote towns and areas, choice is limited.

D. Transportation:

Is it easy to purchase a train ticket to Tibet now?

The popularity of train travel to Tibet has resulted in the huge demand for Tibet train tickets among visitors. It's very difficult for individual travelers to get a ticket on their own. Reliable travel agencies can NOT guarantee successful booking. We recommend you fly into Tibet and return by a train.

What vehicle do you use in Tibet?

If the tour is mainly around Lhasa, you are suggested to use minivan as the road condition around Lhasa is pretty good, and the minivan cost less as well. If the tour is covering some places with bad road condition and long distance to reach, we are offering 4WD off road vehicles.